Adventurer, passionate explorer, student of life, and expert in stepping out of my comfort zone to discover new expansive realities. My daily goal is to breathe deeply and my purpose is to BE. I choose to follow my passion by leading a balanced and grounded lifestyle as a sportive entrepreneur and consultant.

I believe that self-exploration is THE tool to optimize authentic individual expression. I currently guide and support people in reconnecting with their unique purpose in Life.

My professional mojo is ignited by guiding local (Dutch) and international business owners and managers to:

  • create sustainable mental health programs for teams
  • provide professional guidance on how to support staff with their wellbeing in the workplace
  • start and maintain a healthy business
  • develop concretes ideas with sustainable programs and solutions

I’m also a ‘happy nerd’ and science fan with a love of astronomy, quantum physics, design and biohacking innovations.

Our time on this planet is a unique gift meant to be enjoyed.