New habits start by taking small steps!

Fabiana Mazzacani

FAABULOUSSTUFF offers high performance, tailormade Work Outs for small-large groups, or on an individual basis, from one hour to multi-day retreats.

‘Fire & Ice’ Work Outs

Introducing the philosophy of the mind-body-breath connection and the basics of cold exposure training, working up to advanced full-day events including ice baths and breathwork.

‘Freeze the Fear’

Wim Hof Method
Fundamental and Advanced Workshops (Level 3 Instructor)

Let’s Make things Happen

Teambuilding events and motivational speaking are tailored to each group’s requirements. Also available are 1-on-1 coaching breakouts. Available in the Netherlands and Internationally.


Brainstorming sessions with entrepreneurs, managers & teams aiming to balance the needs of people, planet & profit. Mentorship for start-up business owners.


Establishing the best resources for clients to access the right professionals and tools within the network