Wim Hof Method

“In a beautiful synchronicity following my adventure of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro several years ago, I met Wim Hof and was deeply touched by his authenticity. I was intrigued by his simple yet effective method that combines conscious breathing, cold exposure and commitment.

To cut a long story short, we decided to help each other – Wim would teach me all about his unique method and I would share my experiences as an entrepreneur and start-up consultant.”

level 3 instructor

When Fabiana started working with Wim, she was dealing with serious health issues, and noticed how applying the Wim Hof Method influenced her immune system. 

Feeling the direct results, she wanted to help others learn how to utilize their breath to optimise their minds and bodies, and has become one of the few ‘Train the Trainers’ Level 3 Instructors. She loves travelling with Wim during some of the annual expeditions.

Fabiana reflects on the journey so far, “It’s such a pleasure to see how Wim’s Method has become mainstream, with so many people around the world enjoying the benefits. When I first started, people looked at me like I was crazy (which had been Wim’s reality for decades). Nowadays, it’s rare to find a cold water spot in the Netherlands without seeing someone taking a dip!

Freeze the Fear

The biggest question entrepreneurs and managers ask is, “What will my team learn by participating in this workshop?”

The workshop kicks off with a short introduction to the Wim Hof Method and its three pillars – Breath, Cold and Commitment. The instructor briefly covers safety, and any effects participants might experience during the session, before explaining the basic WHM breathing technique. Participants are invited to bring their consciousness to their body & breath for several rounds of WHM breathing. The instructor gives verbal guidance through the session, and ends with a short meditation.

WHM workshop

The method is explained in a well-structured and easy-to-understand way. It’s not just about sitting and listening, participants are invited to feel and better understand their breath, and it’s impact on one’s mind and body. “I love seeing people make the connection between their breath and creating a better life.”

Although a rough outline is provided for the workshops, it is highly recommended for participants to arrive with an open mind, without expectations, to allow their experience to unfold naturally. 

The workshop is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, we advise against participation:

  • during pregnancy
  • if you have epilepsy

People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method. 

ice bath work out

Taking the Wim Hof Method experience deeper, we also arrange company work outs that include a deeper level of mindfulness, breathing, and the option of taking an ice bath. An experience not easily forgotten!

This training was my first time experimenting with the cold, which I am not a huge fan of, and what a rewarding day it was. Fabiana was patient and kind but also hugely motivating and inspiring. She simplified everything, gave us great perspective on the experience overall and made sure we had time to connect and laugh as a group.

I am a holistic wellness expert but this training was definitely out of my comfort zone! but WOW! 1 week on I was still feeling the positive impact on my body and mind and am now actively planning how I integrate the full ice bath routine into my life. I learnt a lot about myself in those few short hours and am definitely more connected and kinder as a result.

Isobel Mcmahon, Holistic Wellness Expert

During the WHM flagship event ‘Winter Expedition in Poland’ our team became the Faabulous Warriors – a combination of our ‘faabulous instructor’ Fabiana and the real spirit to ‘crush it’.

You expect a challenge, and that’s what you get. The breathing, meditation, discussions, ice baths, cold exposure. You surprise yourself with your resilience. You gain confidence – in your body and your mind. But most of all you come away with real love, real friendships, real bonds.

Thank you Fabiana, for guiding us with your strength and kindness.

Marcel & Victoria Koning