“Let’s Make things happen”

Inspiring, generating enthusiasm, motivating, touching, entertaining, thought provoking, opening hearts to possibilities, …

Every one of my talks is customized to the audience.

We explore your goals, what you’d like to achieve, and find a way to deliver the most captivating talk for your team members. 

Favourite topics that have proven successful in the past include:

  • mind over matter
  • seeing opportunities and creating possibilities
  • empowering people to become better versions of themselves
  • overcoming procrastination (move from talking about it, to doing it)
  • a Happy Nerd and science fan (astronomy, quantum physics)
  • apps, design and biohacking innovations
  • how to run or start a healthy business
  • developing concretes ideas, sustainable programs and solutions

And as an entrepreneur in a changing world I find it important to keep up to date. I deeply respect knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities, body and mind data.

Body and mind matters, as well as everything around you, the connection, the science, I believe that this trinity is your vehicle on the road called life. 😉 

Our time on this planet is a unique gift meant to be enjoyed.