Conscious Breathing

Your life is lived between two breaths – your first inhalation and your last exhalation. Each day you breathe between 20,000 and 30,000 times. This amounts to roughly 10 million breaths each year and one billion breaths in a life-time.

As you are reading this, one could say that you are good at breathing! However, it’s very likely that you might not be using your lungs to their full capacity.

Deep Breathwork

When our minds are thinking of one thing and our bodies are doing something else, we’re running on ‘auto pilot’. This eventually leads to a feeling of disconnect and un-ease because the mind and body are not unified.

By concentrating on our breathing, “In” and “Out,” we bring body and mind back together, and become whole again. Conscious breathing is an important bridge for facilitating ease and flow.

Benefits of Breathing

Breathing exercises are good for our health, for sure, but they are also good for our will and our mind. Whenever you are feeling jumpy or upset, why not ask your lungs to help you? It is normal to need help from time to time, but we don’t need to look externally. – we have the necessary tools within us.

Try this experiment: when you have to lift something heavy, start by taking a deep breath and you will find that you can lift it more easily.

Or perhaps you’re going into an important meeting and you’d like to ensure that a discussion does not degenerate into a quarrel – breathe deeply for two or three minutes, and you will find that you are quite calm again.

Our Breath = Our Life Force

As you come to understand the deeper significance of respiration, you will gradually feel that your own breathing is beginning to blend into that of the cosmos.

As you breathe out, think that you are expanding to the very outer limits of the universe and then, as you breathe in again, you contract and withdraw into yourself, into your ego, that imperceptible point at the centre of an infinite circle. Again you expand, and again you contract… In this way you begin to discover the movement of ebb and flow which is the key to all the rhythms of the universe.

When you become conscious of this movement within your own being, you enter into the harmony of the cosmos and establish a relationship of exchange between yourself and the universe, for, as you breathe in, you inhale elements from space and, as you breathe out, you send out into space, something of your own heart and soul.

“He who learns to be in harmony with the respiration of the cosmos enters into the sphere of divine consciousness. Once you become really aware of that dimension, you will want to spend your lives working to inhale the strength and light of God so as to breathe out that light again to the whole world. For to breathe out is also to distribute to others the light of God that you have drawn into yourself.”

Conscious breathing contains untold blessings for one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life. You should be able to see its beneficial effects on your brain as well as in your soul and in all your faculties; it is a very powerful factor for every aspect of life. Never underestimate the power of your breath.

Breathing work outs

To me, breathing consciously is a joy that I cannot miss!

FAABULOUSSTUFF works with business owners and managers to offer bespoke breathing workshops to help their teams become empowered using this very simple, yet profound tool. Each session is customised per group.

Fabiana was patient and kind but also hugely motivating and inspiring. She simplified everything, gave us great perspective on the experience overall and made sure we had time to connect and laugh as a group.

Isobel Mcmahon, Holistic Wellness Expert