WHM Winter travel Polen 9 t/m 15 jan 2025

Come along on an adventure in the Polish mountains! During a week where we will delve deeper into the Wim Hof Method, you’ll get to know yourself and push your boundaries.

What can you expect? What are the themes of this week? Typically, we start the day with Yoga accessible to everyone, adapting the YinYoga class to your level. Followed by breathing exercises, all before breakfast. This way, we prepare the body for exposure to cold throughout the day. You’ll engage in cold challenges 1 to 2 times daily, depending on the group and weather conditions. These challenges may include hiking in shorts or swimming in the famous Wim Hof Podgórna waterfall. Or we’ll climb the Kakanorski mountain adjacent to the hotel. As the week progresses, the intensity of the cold training will increase. Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Just be yourself

We’ll be staying at ‘the Golden Villa’, a large cozy house with accommodation for 12 guests surrounded by beautiful nature. Close to the famous Podgórna waterfall made famous by Wim Hof and the Sněžka mountain.

Between the breathing sessions, walks, and cold and mindset exercises we’ll practice both indoors and outdoors, there are plenty of moments to relax! In the house, there are spaces where you can read and unwind. Or you can make use of the wood-fired sauna, prepared for us every evening.

The program is, there is no program

One of Wim’s beautiful sayings, meaning there’s a program within the program! We want you to be as present as possible without overthinking. So, no agendas, no worrying about the time, just let it all unfold. What we’ll do each day will always be a surprise. But one thing is certain: all aspects of the 3 elements will be covered (you learn something new every day).

Prepare for Everything / Expect the Unexpected
This saying keeps you sharp this week! What do you need in your backpack for when we venture outside? Are you prepared to face anything under any circumstances… This is where we train your flexibility. How you deal with change is only when you don’t know what’s going to happen. Relax and Go with the Flow.

Make connection within yourself

Beforehand, I ask you to bring something you can leave on the mountain. By this, I mean: Everyone has a limitation or a pattern they want to break free from. This pattern holds you back from being the best and strongest version of yourself. And this week, we’re going to break that pattern. It can be something big or something small. The growth within yourself is what you create this week.

Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable
In 5 days, you’ll learn to turn discomfort, like cold water, into control over your own body and mindset. Climbing a mountain in shorts with perhaps -10℃ requires physical strength. But certainly, it also requires mental strength. Guided by a mountain guide, this week we’ll climb the famous Sněžka mountain. This mountain is the ultimate challenge where mental and physical strength work together powerfully. And once you’ve conquered it, you can conquer the whole world!

You can do more than you think you can
Whether you come alone this week or with a partner, family member, or colleague, with the right mindset, you can overcome your own challenges. Even when it’s not always easy. Let go and trust the process. Step by step, with a small group of people, we’ll take on this challenge together.

Where do you sleep

The group consists of a maximum of 12 people, men and women, divided into 4 bedrooms with single beds. There’s a communal kitchen where we’ll be served 3 meals a day this week. It’s a vegetarian week, but for the carnivores among us: you won’t miss the meat!! The food prepared by our specially flown-in 5-star chef is a fantastic experience for the taste buds.


Preparation for the trip. This journey has some challenges but is manageable for everyone. You’re expected to be able to tolerate cold water for about 2 minutes without problems and be able to walk for 1 hour in extreme conditions. The packing list will tell you everything you need to bring, I’ll send it to you.

Thursday, January 9, 2025
15:00 Departure from Prague to Poland by bus.
18:00 Arrival with dinner.
20:00 Relaxation, chilling, chatting.

Daily Schedule
08:00 Good Morning & Breathing Session – Yin-Yoga
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Ice-cold adventures – ice bath – hikes – theory
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Ice-cold adventures – ice bath – hikes – theory
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Relaxation, chilling, free time, sauna.

Wednesday, January 15
08:00 Breakfast and farewell.
09:00 By bus to Prague.
12:00 Arrival at Prague airport.

The Golden Villa
Bukowy Gaj 4