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  • “Let’s Make things happen”

    “Let’s Make things happen”

    “Inspiring, generating enthusiasm, motivating, touching, entertaining, thought provoking, opening hearts to possibilities, … ” Each talk is customized to the audience

  • Fire & Ice Work Outs

    Fire & Ice Work Outs

    Bespoke Work Outs are designed for each group that includes the philosophy and practice for the desired duration and intensity

  • Regulating Emotions

    Regulating Emotions

    Regulating one’s emotions is a bit like learning to surf. Start with smaller, easy-to-achieve steps and work on improving your skills until you’re able to ride those waves, especially when faced with a storm.

  • Purpose: UNI Perfume

    Purpose: UNI Perfume

    Fabiana Mazzacani shares her philosophy of infusing purpose into each business. This case study shares the purpose of her scent brand ‘UNI Perfumes’.

  • Conscious Breathing

    Conscious Breathing

    A daily practice of conscious breathwork helps us reconnect the link between our body and our mind, and to encounter life in the present moment.

  • Wim Hof Method

    Wim Hof Method

    A Wim Hof Method instructor for many years, Fabiana has coached more than 3000 people in using their breath to optimise their minds and bodies, and getting comfortable in the icy cold